Metalizing Filaments


Types of Coils:

Vertical Metalizing coils
Horizontal Vapourizing coils
Helical Flashing coils
Overwrap Tungsten coils
Multistrand Vacuum Metallizing coils
Silvering coils
Single or Multistrand Heater coils
Aluminizing Coils

Installed Capacity:
Metallizing coils : 20.5 Tons per year ( 1.7 Tons per month )


Evaporator Heaters – CPT, CRT Aluminizing
Tungsten Heater Coils – Automobile Head Lamp Reflector
Vapourising Coils -Reflector Lamps & other coated lamps
Tungsten Coils – Compact Disc Aluminizing
Vacuum Metallizing Coils -General Metallizing, such as toys, trophies, and decorative parts.

Diameter : 0.2 mm to 1.2 mm
Lay / Pitch :3mm to 15mm
Cores : Aluminium, Silver
Finish : Black, Clean, Electropolish

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