Metalizing Process: Technical Information

Metallizing is a process of depositing a thin metallic film on a surface of the object under high vacuum conditions.Most important significance of metallizing Process is its “ECO-friendlyness”.In addition to that,it is less expensive than electroplating.

In this process,coils made out of tungsten wire and having different shapes and sizes are used.

These coils are identified by different names viz metallizing Coils,Heater coils.Evaporator Heaters,Alluminizing
Coils,Alluminizing Filaments ,mirroring coils,Silvering vaporizer,Metalizer Vaporizer,Matalizer Evaporators,Sputtering Coils,etc.

Metal like aluminum,silver etc. are used to deposit in form of thin metallic film on the base material such as plastic ,glass and metal under the high vacuum chamber.

“Sputtering” is another technical name name of Matalizing process.


Vacuum Matallizing- Coils-CRT,CRT Aluminizing
Tungsten Heater Coils-Automobile Head lamp reflector
Vapourising Coils-Reglector lamp& other coated lamps
Tungsten Coils-Compact Disc Aluminizing
Evaporator Heater-General Metellizing,such as toys, trophies,and decorative parts.