MOLYBEDNUM- Technical Information


Lighting: Used as mandrel wire for manufacturing of tungsten filaments. Also used in lamps for pins and support hooks
Electron tubes: Moly rods are used as heater element and supports in electron tube because of their good electrical conductivity and good mechanical propertiesat high temperature.
High temperature furanaces: Moly in wire ,rods and strip form is used as a heating element in high temperature furanaces operating about 1300°C.
Welding electrodes: Moly rods are used as electrodes in spot welding machines.
Semi conductors: Thermal expansion of moly closely matches that with silicon.This allows the use of moly as supports and contacts for silicon in semi conductors.
Other applications: Special bolts,screw and machined parts.Cupels for the evaporation of metal such as silver and gold.
Corrosion Property:
Gets oxidized in reducing atmosphere
Good Resistance to attack by molten metals such as Mg,Ni,Li,Hg,Na,K
No reaction upto1400°C with molten glass.

Physical Property:
Atomic Number: 42
Atomic Weight:: 95.9
Density: 10.2 gms/cc
Melting Point: 2615°c
Boiling Point: 4610°C
Specific heat at 20°C: 0.066 Cal/g/°C
Electrical Resistivity at 0°C: 5.2 micro ohms/cm² /cm
Mechanical Property:
Hardness (10Kg.load): 42
Modulus of elasticity at 20° C: 33600 Kg. / mm²

Chemical Property:
Gets oxidized in air above 400° C
No reaction at any temperature with hydrogen